18 August 2006

The Node Market

As information becomes more plentiful we are faced with the challenge of constantly searching for better ways of finding what we want. The ability to find and intepret information is more valuable that the ability to acutally store it. I think that as people become better and better at using search it becomes less of a differentiator so creative people will come up with new strategies to be sure to propogate their ideas.

Because of this, nodes will become more and more important. As they do, people who control nodes now will become more powerful and wealthy. Because, a node is the smallest unit of governance on the internet. If you own the node, you have full control over what you do with it. Interestingly, nodes are also free (practially) and the transaction fee for transferring ownership is virtually nothing, so, it's frictionless. It's a very fluid market. Concentrations of power that can freely move from owner to owner.

Knowing how people will behave slightly before others figure it out is sure to provide a competitive advantage in that market. I wonder who has the ability to tell what people are thinking about slightly before anyone else.... hmm...

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