22 August 2006


When MapQuest came out with their mapping system on the web and I was able to type in my address and see a map of my area pop up, I said... WOW.

When Google released Google Maps and I could use the whole darn screen and I could drag the map around and put markers on it and see my house from a satellite photo... yep, that was another WOW moment.

After having a look at Microsoft's entry into the online mapping world I have to say... WHY?

No offence, but really, why would I use this. I don't get it. It's just a map. And, I can't even find my house with it. Even MapQuest did that.

I am realizing that thanks go companies like Google and Skype and thanks to the open source movement, I have become pretty picky. I need a WOW to even spend more than a few minutes at a site. It's like one of my heros, Seth Godin, says... where's the free prize inside?

Is this too harsh? Maybe I didn't spend enough time there to "get it".

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