28 November 2007

Free Radiohead

I know it's been a few weeks now since it's release but I have something to say about the new music distribution experiment being conducted by Radiohead.

I like the album. I want to buy it. But when I went to the site to pay for it... the site asked me for a bunch of personal information.... my question is, why?

That information grab was actually enough to prevent me from buying it. In an age where giving someone your personal information can result in spam, junk mail, annoying phone calls, or even contribute to identity fraud, etc... I am fairly careful about where and when I give out my info and I am certainly not willing to give it out for the right to purchase some music. I don't give it to the local record store so why would I give it to Radiohead? I wouldn't, and so I won't enjoy that album and my willingness to support "free" music ( as in freedom ) will not be counted by this experiment. Hmm.... too bad.

Well, when someone finally releases free music, I am willing and ready to pay for it.

It will happen.