22 September 2005

DataZoomer One

DataZoomer lives, then dies, then lives...
I was coming close to being at the stage where I could say that DataZoomer was 80 percent complete. And then, I got a better idea. Hackers have a love/hate relationship with better ideas. One the one hand, better ideas appeal to our inner struggle for perfection but on the other hand, after we have been thrashing our neurons at a problem for some time and those neurons have spent some effort adjusting the model to fit the seemingly perfect solution, the notion of shattering that perfection with something new is crushing. For an instant, we die, just as when we deliver a solution and detect a glimmer in our client's eye, we enter an reality transcending state of satisfaction. So, it is with some anst that I notify you that I have come up with a better idea for the DataZoomer HTML rendering engine. That means I am going to pursue it. I have no choice.