31 May 2006

M$ to buy eBay?

An article I read today says that Microsoft is thinking about buying eBay. This would be a very interesting move for Microsoft because I can't think of a single online applicaiton that they run that is of any real significance except maybe LavaLife (was that too harsh? maybe).

eBay would be a considerable chunk of the net and is a space that Google does not yet dominate. And, let's face it, eBay could probably use some changes. Have they done anything innovative lately other than sell new classes of things, like houses and cars? Not that I can tell. They perform a basic service well and dominate that market so much that they just haven't had to innovate much. I use eBay, and like it, it's just not exactly a hotbed of innovation.

The thing that I really don't like about this potential deal is that if this went through, Microsoft would own Skype. As anyone who has been reading here knows, I love Skype and I reacted similarly when eBay first purchased it. It seems as though eBay has left Skype alone for the most part, which is great, but would Microsoft do the same? I doubt it. For that reason, I hope it doesn't happen, at least not right now. Skype is just too cool and they have done such a good job with marketing themselves that I would hate to see someone come in and mess with it right now.

09 May 2006

An open source business model

I have been reading a lot about Open Source business models lately. This article by Denis de Bernardy outlines a revolutionary new business model for open source software.

Are you ready?

Charge money for it.

Yes, that's it. He proposes that we just charge money for the software, the original development and for any enhancements that someone might want/need. He makes a good case and I think he's onto something here.