26 October 2008

Idea's for the iPhone

I have been using my iPhone 3G for about three months now and I have been thinking of some really great ideas that Apple might want to work into their next release of this fine product. One idea that came to me the other day was videos. It would be really cool if I could take short video's on my iPhone and then view them. Or, another one is, it would be cool to be able to take photos and then send them with MMS to another person! Here's another... it would be cool if it could listen to my voice and figure out who I wanted to call by recognizing their name!

Yeah. That would be cool

My 5 year old Sony can do those things. My Son's 7 year old Samsung flip phone call do all that and can even convert voice to text messages in real time.


Seriously though, the latest patch for the iPhone OS, 2.1 is worth using. 1) it didn't turn my phone into an iPuck like that last patch did and, 2) it works faster, and 3) the phone doesn't hang up so often in the middle of calls anymore. So, yes, it's worth doing.

Sony, if you're reading this... please save us.

Patch Windows Now

So, Microsoft recently released an "out of cycle" patch for all versions of Windows because this problem was so severe that a cracker could actually take over control of your computer.


Ho hum.

Isn't that basically the same as pretty much every other vulnerability Windows has? If we worried every time Windows was vulnerable we would never get anything done. Announcing that Windows has a vulnerability that allows someone to take over your machine is like saying there is a MAC application that will let you play music or paint a picture.

It's not all that uncommon.

So, that leads me to think... what's really up? There must be something else going on with this patch to have them react this way.

Hmmm.... inquiring minds want to know.