27 February 2006

Internet TV Reborn

There's just way too much cool stuff going on right now. Here's some more. Democracy Player is a piece of software that combines bit torrent technology with RSS and video to create a high resolution internet television experience that has to be seen to be believed.

I think it's excellent not only because it's cool to have free, meaningful programs to watch but because it hints at the future. A future where people contribute because they want to, because they love it and it's fun. Not because they think they are going to get rich. While the networks and RIAA squabble over IP rights people are putting the technology to work to create free content. After all, content really boils down to conversation, and it is starting to seem silly to pay for content when there's so much free content, so many free conversations to become part of.

Oh yeah, it's free and it's open source. :-)

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