26 August 2009

(too) OpenID

Since I am getting totally into identity tech these days I figured it was about time to set up my OpenID and start using it myself. Being a Gmail user it seemed a no brainer to use my Google OpenID as my AP.

I checked the docs for my Google OpenID and presto whamo, I have my OpenID all set to go. Next, I decided that Facebook would be my first RP. So, after digging around on the web for a few minutes I found some instructions on how to do that. It's under Settings | Linked accounts. So easy.

So, I click on "Add" and up comes a list. There's Google, Yahoo and a bunch of others, so I pick OpenID and click "Link New Account" and Google comes up to verify that I am cool with the linkage. Nice. I check the list and Facebook wants my email address, cool, my Language, okay, makes sense and ... what... what's that... my Contacts? Facebook wants my Contacts List!?

No deal.

There is no option for me to just do authentication with Facebook using my Google account so I won't use my Google account. I am disappointed in Facebook (but not surprised).

Plan B. Looking for a nice OpenID provider that has nothing else to offer but my ID. :-)

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