19 June 2008

Google Docs

Like there weren't already enough nails in the "Old Tech" coffin.

The number of features listed in the what's new for Google Docs is quite frankly unbelievable. It's all summed up here on this simple what's new page... that has a "no big deal... heres some new stuff" sort of attitude. And, of course it's the same price as the rest of their stuff, zero.

It's like they do the opposite of other companies.

Old Tech Pitch: "We have blessed you with an new version of our operating system. Take our word for it, it's more secure, more friendly than ever before"

Old Tech Experience: When you run it it just sort of falls apart as you use it.

New Tech Pitch: "no big deal... here's some new stuff we've built"

New Tech Experience: "holy sh*t, this is amazing!" followed by blog posts, emails, phone calls, watercooler talk.

What an amazing approach... adding real value instead of pretense.

This sort of attitude will not only change software and the world, it might even change corporate IT.

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