10 January 2006

Python in the Browser

Just an idea, but wouldn't it be awesome if FireFox embraced Python as a client side scripting language? Just supporting Python would be cool. And since it is pre-installed on Linux boxes and Mac boxes I suppose Windows is the only OS that is lacking the necessary interpreter. But, since it is all open source it could be built right into the FireFox browser. It would be a bit chubby but we Windows users are used to chubby software. (ouch!).

Why do we need Python as well as Javascript? Lots of reasons which I won't go into here but one main reason I think is that Javascript has a monopoly on client side scripting and that's totally unnecessary. Developers should be able to choose the language they want to write their client side scripts in. Javascript isn't the best choice for everything. It's just that when all you have is a hammer... etc. etc..

Anyway, as I was writing this rant, I found this post, much to my delight. :-)

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