03 October 2005

Took ya long enough!

I can't beleive it has taken me so long to get into blogging. I have seen many of my friends get started and in fact have helped several others get started but haven't seriously started my own. Mostly I think it is a bit of fear about "what will I say". Like that's ever been a problem. Actually, what won't I say is probably more accurate. There are obviously some things that go on in our lives that are not blog friendly, so I guess part of the learning curve is learning where that line is for the writer. The other thing is I am not completely commited to the software platform. If you are reading this in 2005 you are likely reading it on blogspot, which is a pretty cool bit of software, but there are some features missing here (at least I haven't found them yet) that I see in other blogs. Things like categorizing my posts. I want to post about tech, family, philosophy and other thoughts. Do these things all belong on one blog with categories or on separage blogs. One blog is scary enough, multiple blogs doesn't make sense at this point. So, I will try this out and see if I can live without categories (or I will find that I have overlooked them), or I will switch to wordpress or something like that. One of the benefits of being a tech guy complete with a hosting business is that I can swich pretty painlessly. Once I have a bit of content going though it will be a different story so choosing the software wisely now will pay off in the end. Hey, I am I supposed to us paragraphs? Probably. Maybe next time. :-)

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